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Easy Tunnel: VPN for Business travelers

Business travelers often find themselves in locations where they cannot rely on the security of their Internet connection. Hotel and airport wireless networks are a convenient way to get online, but they also provide opportunities for malicious attacks. These unsecured networks are easy entry points for identity thieves and hackers. Easy Tunnel allows you to use public wireless networks without compromising your security.

In addition, Easy Tunnel provides a level of privacy to users who travel abroad. In certain countries, governments routinely monitor and restrict Internet access for citizens and visitors. With Easy Tunnel, you are essentially connecting back to a network in the U.S. and then out to the Internet. This way, you can surf the web as if you were in the U.S and not have to worry about a foreign government tracking your activity.

We offer Easy Tunnel on all major Operating Systems and platforms, including mobile devices. Please contact us for more information, or to set up a trial.

Total Tunnel: VPN for Corporate Office

When an employee at a corporate office goes online, his/her IP address can be tracked. Through that IP address, that person's activity can be tied back to the company. Because of this, businesses are now actively monitoring the online activities of their competitors. For example, if an airline company is conducting research online about a competitor's pricing, the competitor can block the IP addresses of the company doing the research. In fact, some companies are even manipulating their data, providing false information to competitors based on their IP address. It's a complicated problem, but fortunately there is a simple solution. Plus Analytics offers Total Tunnel, which allows companies to shield their IP address from competitors. Using Total Tunnel, companies can engage business research without fear of being blocked or manipulated based on their IP address.